Say What Now? Justin Bieber Offered $2 Million to Film a Gay Porn Scene [Video]


Have you ever wanted to see Justin Bieber get hot and heavy with another guy?

Gay porn star Johnny Rapid, on behalf of, is offering Bieber $2 million to film a scene with him.

“I can’t even believe I’m gonna say this, but I have an incredible offer for you, Justin Bieber,” Rapid said. “ and I are offering you $2 million to do a scene with me. Two million, that’s insane! Anyways, it will be easy. I’ll do most of the work: come in for a few hours, then you’re out of here with $2 million. Hope to see you soon!”

Johnny Rapid considers himself ‘gay for pay’ — meaning he identifies as straight but makes money by sexin’ up boys on film.

We all know that Bieber’s probably NOT going to take this offer..but we’ll see if he responds at all.

Watch Johnny’s proposition below.

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