Jussie Smollett's Team Demands His Immediate Release from Jail, Shares Alleged Anonymous Threatening Call [Video]

Jussie Smollett’s team is on the receiving in of hateful calls & messages, and they’re afraid Jussie might be harmed in prison — so they’re asking for his release pending his appeal.

According to Jussie’s attorney, Jussie’s family believes the harassing calls and messages they’ve allegedly received could be a precursor to violence he’ll face behind bars.

As evidence, Jussie’s family has provided a video of a call they received from a stranger — who disguised their voice — sharing what they believe should happen to Jussie behind bars.

They claim the audio is just one example of what they’ve been receiving.

The family also suggests Jussie is at a higher risk of catching COVID due to having a compromised immune system.

Because of all that, and the fact he’s actively appealing the ruling, the family and Jussie’s attorney believe he shouldn’t be behind bars pending the outcome if there’s a chance his sentence could be tossed out.

Listen — we’re already dealing with someone who was found guilty of faking a hate crime AND suspected of faking hate mail (although he won’t face additional charges for that). An alleged anonymous voicemail isn’t quite enough.

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