Jury in Bill Cosby Sex Assault Trial Says It's Deadlocked, Judge Orders More Deliberation

The jury deciding Bill Cosby’s fate has announced that it’s deadlocked.

via NYDN:

“We cannot come to an unanimous consensus on any of the counts,” the sequestered panel of five women and seven men told Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill.

The jury had been deliberating for more than 29 hours, reportedly a record for the courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

Cosby’s defense lawyer Brian McMonagle heard the news and made a motion for a mistrial, which the judge denied.

Judge O’Neill sent the jurors back to keep trying.

“I will not set any specific time for deliberations,” he said.

Bill has pleaded not guilty. The charges carry sentencing guidelines of five to 10 years each.

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