JT Prays For City Girls’ Future [Video]

JT has opened up about the things she’s afraid may get in the way of her working relationship with her City Girls partner in crime, Yung Miami.

via: HotNewHipHop

JT recently opened up to Angie Martinez on her IRL podcast about the future of City Girls and how she prays for its health. While they’re one of the most talked-about and beloved duos who’ve blown up recently, their profile and success means that a lot can get in the way. Still, the Miami native spoke earnestly about her career path and the love she has for Yung Miami. After discussing JT’s personal story, the conversation eventually shifted towards the state of the duo. Overall, from the 30-year-old’s perspective, their relationship is one to nurture and protect.

“Hopefully the future of the City Girls can be the City Girls,” she expressed. “And I pray that our egos does not separate it. Or the internet, or guys, or like, nothing! Sometimes I be on my s**t; sometimes she be on her s**t. You know? Like, we’re human; we’re women. We’re not girls, we’re women. Sometimes I wanna be with my man, just like sometimes she wanna be with her man. And I hope that’s not what be the reason or interfere.” However, she clarified that she’s not scared of them beefing or cutting ties in any way. Moreover, she just hopes that their relationship can keep thriving in a volatile industry. “I do not see beefin’ and breaking up with the City Girls at all. Ever! That’s just stupid. I hope we don’t get too busy.”

Even while JT faced prison time as they blew up, the City Girls support each other through thick and thin. While their bond is strong, they also gave each other space to form their own careers and individual pursuits. For example, Yung Miami broke into the podcasting and acting world. On the other hand, JT recently made strides in the lanes of fashion and beauty. On Thursday (February 9), she announced her first solo deal: a partnership with KISS Colors & Care.

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