JT Blasts Twitter Troll for Calling Her Ugly: ‘Hoes Be Lying Through They Missing Side Tooth’

A troll on Twitter got herself roasted by JT after calling the City Girls rapper ugly.

JT popped off on the woman in a series of tweets.

via Complex:

The hater in question kicked things off by accusing JT of poking fun at “dark skin Black girls,” before calling her “insecure, ugly, and mean.”

From there, JT posted a pic of the user dressed up for Halloween as Toy Story’s Woody.

“WOODY, I’m not gone even @ you,” she wrote. “Keep my name off your twitter. The only thing that’s stressing & depressing is your big ass dressed like a toy story character!”

JT subsequently reminded her followers that she never poked fun at the hater’s looks, writing, “And I never came for her looks but since you here fake trying to spread awareness but calling me names directly after fake woke ass YOU ugly asf foreal.”

“Calling me ugly in 2022 because you don’t like me is insane hoes be lying trough they missing side tooth!” JT continued.

While several followers jumped in to call out JT for roasting someone so early in the morning, another user wondered what the City Girls rapper had ate for breakfast that morning, to which JT replied, “that hoe who dressed like Woody!”

That’s the thing with Twitter trolls — they always want to speak but never want to get spoken to.

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