Joy Behar Apologizes for Misgendering Caitlyn Jenner on The View [Photos + Video]

Joy Behar has apologzd for misgendering Caitlyn Jenner multiple times while talking about the former Olympian’s run for California governor onThe View, telling viewers that she “didn’t get enough sleep last night”.

via: People

While discussing Jenner’s recent announcement of her bid for California governor, the co-host repeatedly used the incorrect pronouns for the former Olympian, who publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2015.

“He’s got this guy Brad Parscale running his campaign. What do you think about that?” Behar asked co-host Sunny Hostin at one point, referring to Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. “I mean, that guy was accused of using campaign funds to enrich himself. That’s who is running his campaign — or her campaign, rather.”

She then misgendered the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum another time, and again corrected herself in the moment.

“I think that he should — she, rather — should take a seat and let somebody with the credentials take over a major state like California,” said Behar, 78.

After a commercial break, Behar apologized, blaming her mistake on a lack of sleep.

“So first of all, let me apologize for my pronoun mix-up,” she said. “I think I just didn’t get enough sleep last night.”

She continued, “I had no intention of mixing them up and I tried to correct it immediately but, whatever, it just came out. So I’m sorry if anybody was upset by that.”

A rep for Jenner did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Following the broadcast, one Twitter account called on Behar to deliver a “real” apology to the trans community for misgendering Jenner.

“Joy Behar just called Caitlyn Jenner HE three times,” the account wrote. “I’m not supporting Caitlyn, but I do support trans rights…Joy owes the trans community a REAL and not smart-a– apology!”

Journalist Yashar Ali also weighed in, tweeting, “Joy Behar misgendered Caitlyn Jenner at least four times on the View this morning.”

“Caitlyn transitioned over six years ago,” Ali continued. “I don’t know why Joy misgendered her but it’s an important reminder that we don’t misgender people even if we don’t like their politics.”

Speaking to PEOPLE last year, Jenner, 71, reflected on the five-year anniversary of her transition after a life spent battling gender dysphoria.

“This is my journey. Yes, it is different than other trans people. I get it,” she said. “But the bottom line is this: When I wake up in the morning, I’m happy with myself.”

As a lifelong Republican, she also touched on her political views conflicting with those of many in the LGBTQ community. She said at the time that she now identifies as “economically conservative, socially progressive” and believes “we need equality for all, regardless of who’s in the White House.”

“I’ve changed my thinking in a lot of ways,” she added.

Axios first reported the news of Jenner’s run for governor on Friday. A campaign adviser told the outlet she’s “running as someone that’s socially liberal and fiscally conservative.”

Jenner, a Republican, announced plans Friday to run for governor of California. “I’m in! California is worth fighting for,” she tweeted.

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