Joseline Hernandez Co-Signs Boosie Badazz's Take On Lil Nas X [Photos + Video]

Boosie Badazz has made it clear that he doesn’t care for Lil Nas X. While some have disagreed with Boosie, Joseline Hernandez backed him up and said she won’t let her daughter watch X at all.

via: HotNewHipHop

His previous comments about Lil Nas X rubbed people the wrong way, but that didn’t stop Boosie Badazz from speaking his mind during his recent visit to The Breakfast Club. Boosie was questioned by Charlamagne Tha God regarding his remarks about beating up the “Industry Baby” star for perpetuating some agenda allegedly laid out by the LGBTQIA+ community.

“I just be feeling like sometimes I gotta speak up because, as far as straight people in the world, you don’t have any opinion,” Boosie to The Breakfast Club hosts. “If you say anything, ‘I’m straight, I like women,’ it’s vulgar. You can’t brag on really smashing or your sexuality anymore.”

His remarks were met with a mixed bag of reactions from social media users, but Joseline Hernandez agreed with the rapper’s sentiment. After the clip was shared on Instagram, Joseline commented, “Boosie is right. And that’s why Bonnie don’t have a Tv. Smh. Push whatever you want but mines won’t be brainwashed.”

After receiving backlash, Joseline, who is openly bisexual, addressed her critics. “Yall reaching. I also myself like a lil licki licki,” wrote the reality star. “But I’m not the 1,2 or 3 to expose children to the xtreme of showcasing something that should not be taught to our children at such a young age. When the age is right you tell the kids hey this is what it is.”

People were quick to point out Joseline’s racy imagery on-screen, in her music, and on social media. Check out a few posts below.

It be the hypocrisy for me.

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