Jonathan Majors Movie ‘Magazine Dreams’ Removed From Release Schedule Amid Abuse Allegations |

Jonathan Majors Movie ‘Magazine Dreams’ Removed From Release Schedule Amid Abuse Allegations

Disney announced a number of changes to its upcoming release schedule on Friday.

via: Rolling Stone

Magazine Dreams, a critically acclaimed film that stars Jonathan Majors, will no longer be opening on Dec. 8, according to Variety. The news comes amid allegations of domestic violence against Majors, who was arrested in March for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend and is set to go to trial date on Nov. 29. The actor faces up to a year in jail if a jury convicts him of assault, attempted assault, and aggregated harassment. A new release date for Magazine Dreams has not been set.

When the movie, about an amateur bodybuilder, premiered at Sundance earlier this year, it garnered positive reviews. Judging from reviews, it positioned Majors (Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania, Creed III) on the precipice of becoming a breakout star. “Majors is impossible to look away from,” Entertainment Weekly raved, while the Los Angeles Times praised “an entirely astonishing lead performance from Jonathan Majors.” Rolling Stone was less effusive in its praise: “Magazine Dreams doesn’t exactly have anything original in mind, beyond its central performance, which works for Majors in its lonelier, less stable moments and fails, just as the movie fails, when shit hits the fan.”

About two months after the film premiere, however, Majors was arrested for allegedly attacking his then-girlfriend. Majors pleaded not guilty. A judge denied the actor’s motion to dismiss the charges this week. Majors had filed a countercomplaint against his ex, claiming she was the abuser; the Manhattan district attorney declined to pursue the prosecution, noting that it lacked “prosecutorial merit.”

In June, a Rolling Stone investigation found two other previous romantic partners who alleged Majors had abused them. “Jonathan Majors vehemently denies Rolling Stone’s false allegations that he physically, verbally, or emotionally abused anyone, let alone any of his past romantic partners,” Majors’ attorney, Dustin A. Pusch, said. “These allegations are based entirely on hearsay because neither of the romantic partners referenced were willing to engage with Rolling Stone for the article — demonstrating their outright falsity.”

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