John Legend Teases New Single 'Love Me Now' [Video]


John Legend is ready to release new music.

The singer took to Instagram to announce the impending release of his new single “Love Me Now.”

In addition to his new single,  John recently covered NOTION Magazine and opened up about the direction of his forthcoming album.

“I don’t think it’s a dramatic change,” he said. “I believe that it’s progression; continuing to push myself and trying to perfect my craft and, to me, that really is to write the best songs you can write, then try to record and produce them in the best way that you can.”

He continued, “That’s what we focused on; trying to write great songs that told my story. It’s a bit more of a live band sound than previous albums, we used a live drummer more than we used to, so on a sonic side that’s one of the biggest differences, it gives it a more soulful feel I think.”

Get into a snippet of “Love Me Now” below. The song will premiere in full on Facebook Live — Thursday at 10:30pm ET.

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