John Legend Launches FREE AMERICA Campaign to End Mass Incarceration


R&B crooner John Legend is putting his star power to good use by launching the FREE AMERICA campaign to end mass incarceration.

John announced the campaign earlier today as well as his plans to visit Texas and California this month to perform and discuss the states’ criminal justice systems with legislators.

The initiative should come as no surprise; John was very vocal about mass incarceration at this year’s Academy Awards, informing the audience and viewers at home that we live in “the most incarcerated country in the world.”

In an earlier interview, John spoke about mass incarceration in greater detail, citing political and cultural causes for what many Americans consider a national epidemic.

There’s no telling how John plans to end or at least reduce mass incarceration (aside from holding discussions with state legislators), but we commend him for both his passion and efforts. Look for more notable figures to join John’s cause.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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