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Jhene Aiko – Spotless Mind [New Video]

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Jhene Aiko just premiered her bright & sunny video for “Spotless Mind.”

The clip, directed by Wes Anderson, premiered via ELLE.com.

The singer’s latest, “Spotless Mind,” depicts a confident and independent Aiko (a far cry from the sad sack who made those angry PB&Js in her nightgown) in the throes of yet another one-sided relationship. But this time, Aiko, who takes on a variety of different personas—skateboarding flower child; whip-wielding dominatrix; and, my personal favorite, Cheetos-munching, Tupac-loving, wine snob—is the one playing games. While her date does everything to please her and looks out for her best interests throughout, Aiko won’t let the poor guy win.

It’s a different vibe (visually) for Jhene — and we like it. Also, her real-life baby daddy O’Ryan plays her boyfriend in the clip.

Check it out below.

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