Jennifer Lopez Unfollows, Wipes ex Alex Rodriguez from Her Instagram

It’s more than clear that Jennifer Lopez ,has moved on from ex Alex Rodriguez, amid her romance with Ben Affleck— but the singer just caught her Instagram narrative up to real time.

via: Page Six

Followers took note Saturday that the Bronx-born entertainer’s social media feed had been slightly revamped, with photos of ex-fiancé A-Rod all having been removed from her account.

This includes shots of the exes together during President Joe Biden’s inauguration, where J. Lo performed “This Land Is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful.” Photos and clips of the star alone during the event, however, remain.

The “Hustlers” star, 52, also unfollowed the former Yankee, 46, on Instagram.

One month after Page Six broke the news, the pair of exes announced their split April 2021.

Lopez has since circled back to Affleck, 48, whom she dated for 18 months before their 2004 split. Almost 20 years later, the couple is hotter than ever, going public during the “Let’s Get Loud” singer’s 52nd birthday weekend.

Meanwhile, A-Rod is living the single life and doing it big, cruising around St. Tropez, Monaco, Spain and Italy with sports reporter Melanie Collins and their mutual friends Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker, all in celebration of his 46th birthday.

Upon his return to the states, the baseball pro declared he was “Stepping out with the big D energy. Determined, darling & dapper AF.”

A source told us that Rodriguez is “single and having fun” — and just “friends” with Collins, despite romance whispers.

Everyone involved is beautiful and rich, they will all be okay.

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