Jennie Nguyen Throws a Glass at Mary Cosby in a Fit of Rage on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City': 'Run Away, Mary' [Video]

Jennie Nguyen took a page from the book of Jen Shah on Sunday’s season finale of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.’

While attending party in Lisa Barlow’s honor to celebrate a new edition of her VIDA tequila, Jennie threw a glass at Mary Cosby.

via People:

After cameras showed Mary having a hard time finding someone to socialize with at the event, she eventually found comfort chatting with another woman as Jennie watched nearby.

“Common decency, when you see someone that you know, you say ‘Hi’ and you greet that person,” Jennie said in a confessional, taking aim at how Mary had not gone up to her at the party. “Mary, you just don’t have any decency or common sense.”

“Girl, am I invisible in your eyes?” Jennie added, before Mary, in her own confessional, explained: “Yes, I’m ignoring her. I sure am.”

As the event continued, Whitney Rose eventually made her way over to Mary and asked her to speak one-on-one. Despite attempts to avoid chatting with Whitney, Mary eventually caved and joined her on a nearby couch, where Jen Shah and Jennie sat down beside them.

With Jennie and Jen teaming up to listen in on the conversation, Mary said she doesn’t “hurt people,” which prompted Jennie to interject and call Mary out for hurting her.

“Then why did you hurt me, Mary?” Jennie asked, as Whitney tried to keep Mary’s attention. Mary, however, heard Jennie and told her, “You know what? Shut up.”

“No! You f—— shut up,” Jennie roared back as she got up from her seat. “You don’t tell me to shut up, okay?”

After Mary said that Jennie was “getting hood,” Jennie fired back and questioned her on what she said. “Excuse me, if you’re gonna say something, say it to my face, Mary.”

“Mary, that’s f—– up of you. You’re not gonna walk away from me like I don’t matter. I do matter,” Jennie added in a confessional.

When Mary and Whitney began talking in another area of the party, Jennie got up from her seat and continued to ask Mary what she had said about her.

“You were saying something? I’d like you to repeat what you said,” Jennie told her. But as Mary walked away from Jennie, she followed her, repeating, “Let’s talk about it.”

Mary, however, kept walking away from Jennie as she repeated the question and got in her face.

As Mary said, “I don’t do this,” and walked away from the group, Jennie threw her glass down in a fit of rage. “Run away, run away. Run away, Mary,” Jennie taunted. “Run away, run the f— away.”

A surprised Mary then turned around and saw the shattered glass on the floor near her feet, as other partygoers also reacted in shock.

“You have something to say about me? Say it to my face,” Jennie screamed at Mary, before walking away from the situation. As Jen attempted to get Jennie and Mary to talk over their issues, Mary replied, “I would never talk to her.”

Mary was then captured leaving Lisa’s VIDA event, where she hurried down a set of stairs, stating, “There’s a maniac on the loose throwing glass.”

“I’ve never gotten a glass thrown at me from no one,” Mary added in a confessional. “And the fact that no one even cared was, like, too much. It makes you wonder who’s your friend, and who’s not.”

It’s too bad Jennie ended up being a racist because she probably would’ve been invited back for another season. Oh well.

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