So Sad: 5 People May Have Died of Accidental Fentanyl Overdose in Colorado Apartment [Video]

Five adults were found dead inside an apartment in Colorado on Sunday due to an apparent fentanyl overdose.

via Complex:

ABC News reports police discovered the bodies of three women and two men at the North Range Crossings Apartments on East 104th Avenue in Commerce City, Colorado. Another adult and a four-month-old child were alive inside the apartment.

According to 17th Judicial District Attorney Brian Mason, police found an “overwhelming amount” of fentanyl and some cocaine. As a result, law enforcement believes the victims were snorting the substance, as that’s the typical way to ingest cocaine.

“While they thought that most of them were unconscious, one of the parties was awake and was transported by medical,” Police Chief Clint Nichols said. “Unfortunately, the other five people inside the apartment were deceased.” 

Police have not yet confirmed the cause of death, as they are still waiting for the autopsies and drug testing of each victim.

“I hope the parents were not in there, but I’ve been doing this long enough I would probably be safe to suggest that the parents probably were inside,” Nichols added. “And so for the infant – that’s going to be a long time without parents.” 

Watch the video below.

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