Jenifer Lewis Believes Black People Will Be Put In “Camps” If Donald Trump Is Re-Elected |

Jenifer Lewis Believes Black People Will Be Put In “Camps” If Donald Trump Is Re-Elected

The “Black-ish” actress has no patience for anyone who is even considering sitting out the 2024 presidential election.

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While recently appearing on SiriusXM radio’s Mornings With Zerlina, the seasoned actress gave her unfiltered opinion on the upcoming election — specifically projecting Black people and other minorities’ future if Donald Trump is re-elected.

The multifaceted luminary used quite a few colorful words to explain her stance — even calling the former POTUS a new age”Hitler” and non-voters “idiots.” Lewis also claimed that if Trump is to be president again, Black people will be placed “in camps” due to a lack of voting.

“He will punish everybody that didn’t vote for him,” she said. “See, this motherf**ker is Hitler. He didn’t come to play. That motherf**ker will have us in camps … because we sat our fat a**es on the couch. Because we were complacent and spoiled and rotten and mad.”

Dismissing any ideas that Black people want conflict with Trump, Lewis explained that the majority of people just want to “feed our children and be equal.” She also proposed the ideology that “white people are scared” because they are “becoming a minority.”

To keep the latter from totally becoming a reality, the “Mother of Black Hollywood” foreshadowed that white people will “do everything they can to stay in those gated communities, not pay taxes, and put those ni**ers in their places and get those w*tbacks out of this country.”

Further in Lewis’ brash rant, she ran down the horrific conditions that slaves were put through while “[building] this country.” She candidly recalled learning about how white slave owners “raped us in your barns,” “whipped us,” “lynched us” and “cut babies out of our stomachs while we hung from f**king trees.”

Before concluding her spill, Lewis reminded outlandish Trump supporters that “We all God’s babies,” but they have been “f**king up” — referring to the Capital riots that took place on January 6, 2021.

Listen to Jenifer Lewis’ entire sit-down with SiriusXM radio’s Mornings With Zerlina here.

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