'I Am Not Mentally Ill': Cher’s Son Slams Singer's ‘Misguided’ Petition to Place Him Under Conservatorship, Accuses 77-Year-Old of Being 'Unfit' to Manage His Finances | lovebscott.com

‘I Am Not Mentally Ill’: Cher’s Son Slams Singer’s ‘Misguided’ Petition to Place Him Under Conservatorship, Accuses 77-Year-Old of Being ‘Unfit’ to Manage His Finances

Cher’s troubled son Elijah Blue Allman filed a bombshell declaration in court to convince the judge to dismiss his famous son’s petition to place him under a conservatorship.

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Allman is challenging his mother’s request, claiming he is sober and capable of managing his finances.

Cher’s initial petition, filed in December 2023, alleged that Allman was struggling with mental illness and drug addiction, rendering him unable to handle his finances. She cited his inheritance payments from his late father Gregg Allman’s estate and expressed concern that he would spend the funds recklessly on drugs.

However, Allman’s declaration refutes his mother’s claims. He states that he has hired lawyers, paid his bills, and is working on new projects. He also asserts that he has retained an accounting firm to assist with tax and financial management.

Allman further alleges that Cher is unfit to serve as his conservator due to her own financial mismanagement. He also questions her mental health history, claiming that she has identified as “manic depressive.”

A judge has denied Cher’s request for a temporary conservatorship but has scheduled a hearing for March 2024 to consider a permanent arrangement. Allman’s wife, Marieangela King, is also involved in the legal battle, accusing Cher of orchestrating a kidnapping plot and being “categorically unfit” to be a conservator.

Cher has maintained that her actions are motivated by concern for her son’s well-being. However, Allman insists that he does not need his mother’s help and is capable of managing his own affairs. The ongoing conflict highlights the complex and emotionally charged nature of conservatorships, with both sides believing they are acting in the best interests of the individual in question.

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