Jeannie Mai & Jeezy Apply For Marriage License, Getting Hitched In The Next Six Months

Wedding bells are ringing for Jeannie Mai and Jeezy. The couple filed for a marriage license in Fulton County, Georgia, on Monday, which means they have to tie the knot within six months.

via: The Blast

According to multiple reports, the couple filed for a marriage license in Fulton County, Georgia, and ‘The Real’ host and the famous rapper showed up at the clerk’s office on Monday to get the documents.

As you know, the couple announced their engagement in April of 2020, but this now puts a clock on the amount of time they have until the license is invalid….so, it’s wedding time!

Now, it’s possible the couple is preparing to get hitched much sooner — like ASAP — in some cases, a couple does this in the week leading up to the actual ceremony. Is it go time?

The couple began dating in 2018, after meeting on the set of Mai’s talk show, ‘The Real.’ Recently, Jeannie opened up about the couple’s relationship and how helping others bonded them together.

“We both went through enough in our life to connect on the understanding that love should feel safe, honest, and pure,” she told People.

She continued, “Immediately that was a magnetic attraction. We are very attracted to each other’s passions to serve. So because we have a mutual joy of having purpose, we’re going to find a way to do that together.”

Interestingly, Mai made headlines after admitting she wants to be “submissive” to her husband in this marriage.

“I want to submit to my man. When I hear this definition … submitting has a negative connotation. It means that you are less important, you are lower than that person that you’re submitting to. It usually can be like, you know, referenced as somebody who works lower than you, and that’s not what I’m referring to here,” Mai told her co-hosts on ‘The Talk.’

She added, “I’m a very dominant woman. I own my business, I lead my teams, I played my own manager, my own publicist, my own lawyer when I didn’t have money to have those people, So, I make the decisions in my life. When I come home, I like the idea that my man leads us.”

This will be Mai’s second marriage, as she split from ex-husband Freddy Harteis in 2017 after 10 years of marriage. Jeezy is the father of three children.

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