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Why Jason DeRulo Won’t Join OnlyFans [Photo]

Welp, if you were hoping Jason DeRulo was going to showing off his meat print on OnlyFans it looks like he’s not going to be joining anytime soon.

via: Page Six

Jason Derulo launched his own “Bring back Anaconda” campaign when Instagram removed his sexy underwear photo, but the “Savage Love” singer doesn’t plan to take his hot shots to OnlyFans.

The 31-year-old made this revelation in a game played with Page Six this week, titled “Dish or Drink,” in which he was put in the hot seat to answer some of the Internet’s most burning questions or take a drink of his Bedlam Vodka.

The pop star’s partnership with the spirit brand launched nationally on Friday.

When asked if he will make an OnlyFans account someday, Derulo said, “Nah, I just feel like stigma behind it is … it’s a bad connotation on it. It’s very one dimensional, maybe not bad. It’s just a very specific connotation that it has that I don’t see myself associating myself with.”

OnlyFans is a subscription-based service that was primarily used by porn stars to share exclusive content with their audience, but many top celebrities have recently joined the platform, including Cardi B, Michael B. Jordan and more.

Although he won’t be joining OnlyFans, Derulo isn’t shy about sharing “thirst traps.”

The “Swalla” singer’s infamous “anaconda” photo, in which he later revealed he was semi-aroused when he took it, seemingly broke the Internet last December.

Derulo told us his girlfriend, Jena Frumes, claims she “didn’t know” about the sexy photo before they started dating earlier this year.

“I was like, ‘Damn, really?” he said. “I felt like everybody had seen that.”

The couple met at an Equinox gym and bonded over their “similar desire to work out all the time.”

Derulo dished on whether he can ever see himself marring the 26-year-old model during our “Dish or Drink” game.

He told us, “Yeah, I don’t think I would go into any situation not thinking like that, not thinking for the future.”

The TikTok star previously shared that when it comes to expanding his family, he thinks, “You know, I think I’m getting to that age.”

Check out the full video to also see Derulo’s responses to what he does when ex Jordyn Sparks songs come on the radio, how he reacted to a crazy fan encounter and what is his least favorite music video that he ever released.

The way Jason shows out on Instagram, I can only imagine how popping that OnlyFans would be.

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