Janet Jackson Is Reportedly Ready to Get Sexy Again on Her Revamped World Tour [Video]

Janet Jackson is reportedly getting back to the sexy Janet we’re used to for this upcoming ‘State of the World’ tour.

via Radar Online:

“The show is going to be so hot they may have to ban kids,” the insider told Radar. “Janet is planning a bevy of sexy moves that will include lap dances, where she will pull random fans — male and female — on stage for some white-hot fun.”

“Her fans will get everything they’ve been previously accustomed to — and more,” the insider added, noting that her new routines are extremely “raunchy!”

Radar exclusively reported that the “All For You” hitmaker started losing her baby weight and hitting the rehearsal studios in preparation for the tour earlier this month.

Jackson and the Qatari billionaire tied the knot in 2012, and she was quick to conform to his strict interpretation of Islam as she spent five years draped in burkas. They welcomed their son Eissa in January 2017, but his birth wasn’t enough to save their marriage.

“Janet repressed so much that she nearly died of anxiety and boredom,” the insider explained.

Janet’s tours in the past have been notoriously sexy. If this is true, it’ll be interesting to see if Janet’s still got it!

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