Janet Hubert Pops Off on 'Media Ho' Stacey Dash: 'Somebody Needs to Slap the Little Bit of Black She Got on Her off of Her' [Video]

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Janet Hubert is not a fan of Stacey Dash — but can you blame her?

Earlier this month, Stacey suggested that BET and Black History Month shouldn’t exist because she feels anything that’s Black-oriented perpetuates segregation.

Janet Hubert spoke with HuffPost Live and let Stacey have it!

“Somebody needs to slap the little bit of black she got on her off of her, okay? The little bit of black she got on her, off of her, because girlfriend has worked on BET more than most actresses have,” Hubert said. 

Hubert said Dash’s suggestion of doing away with awards and events focused exclusively on black entertainment is likely colored by Dash’s employment at Fox News.

“I think she’s just saying this kind of bull because she wants sensationalism and she’s working for Fox and she needs a job and she’s making a check,” she said. “And she’s bringing controversy to herself. Stacey is a bit of a media ho.”

“She absolutely puts the struggle way back, way back. It’s just rude and wrong,” she said. “If we didn’t have BET, if we didn’t have those kinds of awards, we’d have nothing. We’d have nothing to honor those wonderful performances. And as far as Black History Month is concerned, I don’t even need to touch that because it’s so stupid.”

Well damn! Watch Janet’s interview below.

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