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Jamie Lee Curtis Wants to See Lindsay Lohan as a ‘Hot Grandma’ If They Do a ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel [Video]

Could there be a ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel in the works? If it does come to life, Jamie Lee Curtis already has some ideas on how she and Lindsay Lohan can reprise their roles.

via People:

On Monday’s episode of The View, Curtis, 63, was asked about her recent comments that she would “absolutely” make a sequel to the 2003 hit movie, Freaky Friday.

Co-host Sara Haines opened up the floor to Curtis to pitch sequel ideas to Disney. Curtis responded, “I’ve already written to Disney, my friends at Disney. I’m in their new Haunted Mansion movie.”

The Everything Everywhere All at Once actress then shared her idea also includes former costar Lohan, 36: “Let me be the grandma! Let me be the old grandma who switches places,” Curtis said.

“So then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma, who is still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon… And simply, I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I wanna be a helicopter parent in today’s world, as an old lady.”

On the same day, during a visit to the Today show, Curtis reflected on how she “burst into tears” upon reading an anti-Semitic post on social media from Kanye West.

The actress told Hoda Kotb that she “woke up and burst into tears” upon reading the since-deleted post from West, 45, in which he wrote, in part, that he was going to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

Curtis, who had responded on social media Sunday, said during the emotional Today interview, “‘DEFCON 3 on Jewish people?’ What are you doing?”

“I mean, it’s bad enough that fascism is on the rise around the world,” she told Kotb, 58. “But on Twitter, on a portal, to pour that in? As if Jewish people haven’t had it hard enough?”

The actress — whose father, late actor Tony Curtis, was the son of Hungarian-Jewish emigrants — said she “woke up and I thought, ‘My grandparents?’ ” upon reading West’s post.

“It’s just abhorrent. It’s abhorrent behavior. I hope he gets help. I hope his children get help from him. It’s terrible,” she continued, through tears.

Touching on what Kotb referred to as “a ton of reactions” to West’s post, Curtis said, “And if we aren’t reacting, who are we?”

“What does it say about people who aren’t reacting? Who woke up and read that and thought, ‘Oh, what are you having for breakfast?’ It’s a big concern,” she added.

They should absolutely do it and just throw it on Disney+.

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