James Corden Reveals What REALLY Happened Behind Rihanna's Cancelled Grammys Performance [Video]

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As you know, Rihanna’s Grammys performance was cancelled due to the singer having bronchitis. A report came out this morning alleging Rihanna had a major meltdown during rehearsals — which was the REAL reason she pulled out.

According to The Late Late Show host James Corden, he was originally tapped to participate in Rih’s performance and shared his firsthand account of what went down during rehearsals (spoiler alert: there was NO meltdown).

He says:

“So, a couple of weeks ago I got asked if I would introduce Rihanna on the show, right? So I get this phone call saying ‘Rihanna’s got this big thing planned for her song “Kiss It Better” and she’s doing like a whole 80s talk show thing. And it’s gonna be really cool. What she wants you to do, is like be like an 80s talk show host and have funny glasses’ — and I’d sit on a thing, maybe have like a cigarette and I’d introduce Rihanna. She’d come out and do her song and then at the end she’d come and sit with me like it was its own talk show that they’ve called ‘As It Lays.’

So I go on Saturday morning and I rehearse it there, she’s a bit under the weather but it’s all gonna be okay. And then, today, I get all dressed up. This morning a guy came and measured me for like an 80s suit and stuff. I drive down there, get there, do the red carpet saying ‘Oh, I’m introducing Rihanna. She’s asked me personally to be a part of it. It’s amazing.’ I get to the end of the red carpet and they say, ‘Rihanna’s had to pull out the show. She’s pulled out, she’s been told by a doctor she’s not allowed to sing. It could really damage her voice.'”

And there you have it, folks. Watch James’ talk about the situation below.

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