Girl, Bye: Tennessee Sheriff Blames Beyoncé for Shots Fired Outside of His Home


Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold doesn’t know the motive for shots fired outside his Osborne Lane home Monday night — but thinks Beyoncé’s “Formation” has something to do with it.


At the time, Sheriff Arnold reportedly told officials he does not know why he was targeted and has not received any threats lately.

On Tuesday, he said, “There’s always a concern in any community of anybody doing anything at any time.”

“Do I feel like they did this because of where I live? I think that’s it. I don’t think of it being anywhere else,” Arnold continued during a press conference.

When asked by a reporter if he has given any thought to the possibility of law enforcement being targeted, Sheriff Arnold said, “Well, that’s what I actually thought about.”

“Once I kind of figured everything out, you know, with everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl, and with law enforcement as a whole, I mean, I think we have lost five to seven officers, five deputies and sheriffs since Sunday’s Super Bowl,” he continued. “You know, that’s what I am thinking. You know, here is another target on law enforcement.”

When asked to clarify what he meant by Super Bowl, the sheriff explained, “Well, you have Beyonce’s video and how that’s kind of led over into other things, it seems like, about law enforcement.”

What’s next? Will they find a way to blame Beyoncé for global warming too? Check out his news conference below.


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