It's Over Already? Common Unfollows Tiffany Haddish on Instagram Sparking Breakup Rumors [Photo]

It seems like Tiffany Haddish and Common just came clean about their relationship yesterday, but now the streets are saying that it’s over.

Back in August, Tiffany and Common made a few headlines after confirming their relationship.

Now, in October, fans are noticing that Common does not follow Tiffany on Instagram any longer and they’re speculating that the two have broken up.

Adding further fuel to the breakup fire, Tiffany recently took to her Instagram story with a message for her exes.

Neither one of them have spoken publicly on the current status of their relationship, but we have a feeling if things were going well then Tiffany wouldn’t be out here sending shots at her exes.

Could you imagine having a whole Common at home in your bed and you’re out here talking to the streets about your exes? Not us.

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