Italian Government Offer Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk the Opportunity to Fight at Colosseum

An official from the government of Italy contacted Mark Zuckerberg about staging a UFC fight against Elon Musk at the most legendary battleground in the world, Rome’s Colosseum.

via: Marca

Both Elon and Mark are said to be enthusiastic about the idea of having the fight take place at the Colosseum.

TMZ sources with inside knowledge have revealed that the Minister of Culture recently reached out to Zuckerberg with the proposition of staging what could possibly be the most monumental fight in history at this iconic venue.

According to these sources, Zuckerberg’s team relayed the message to UFC President Dana White, who subsequently got in touch with the Minister.

It has been centuries since large events were held within its ancient walls, and the theater can only accommodate a few hundred spectators with temporary seating.

In 2003, Sir Paul McCartney performed an exclusive charity show inside the Colosseum for an intimate audience of 400 people who paid up to $1,500 each. Apart from that, all other concerts have taken place outside the structure.

Whether the Musk vs. Zuck fight would occur inside or outside the Colosseum remains unclear.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge have informed TMZ that if you were to place a bet on whether this fight will happen, the odds would be in favor of it taking place.

Both Musk and Zuck are reportedly fully committed and have been engaging in negotiations with Dana White regarding the fight’s specifics multiple times a day for over a week.

The main challenge lies in the significant height and weight difference between the two contenders, although both men seem unfazed by this issue.

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