It Ain't Over: Chris Brown Continues to Pop Off on Tyson Beckford for No Reason + Tyson Sends Chris a Reminder [Photos]

 We told you earlier about Chris Brown and his friends threatening Tyson Beckford for hanging out with Chris’ ex Karrueche Tran…

…well, Chris is still popping off on a tweet-and-delete spree.

See Chris’ now-deleted messages to Tyson below.

We don’t understand why Chris is acting like this.

Now, Tyson did get a little petty on Instagram…but Chris definitely brought it on himself when he fired those first shots.

Update: Tyson decided to take a more direct approach and remind Chris that he’s ’bout that life!

Just in case you forgot! #pewpew #nra #bang #2a #5.56 #ar15 #edc #.762

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