Issa Rae Launches New MasterClass On How to Break Into Hollywood [Video] |

Issa Rae Launches New MasterClass On How to Break Into Hollywood [Video]

Issa Rae is launching her first online class in which she promises to share her techniques on how to break into the entertainment industry.

via: New York Post

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it big in Hollywood? Learn some tricks of the trade from a shining star who’s already there before making the leap yourself.

Issa Rae, actress, activist and star and creator of HBO’s “Insecure,” launched her first-ever MasterClass, available now on the platform for subscribers.

The series of 14 video-based lessons detail 36-year-old Rae’s experience in showbiz, offering up priceless insight for creators and preparing them to cut their own teeth in Hollywood.

“The Emmy-nominated star and creator of the award-winning HBO series ‘Insecure’ is here to show you how it’s done. Issa Rae uses her signature do-it-yourself ethos, humor and voice to offer writers and creators of all types the motivation and tools they’ll need on their journey. Issa shares how she has navigated Hollywood while black and inspires you to reach your creative dreams and never take no for an answer,” reads the MasterClass description.

Rae, who also created the Shorty Award-winning web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” walks viewers through content in all areas of the entertainment world, from YouTube to television to her time acting on the big screen in “The Hate U Give.”

“I’m going to share with you all of my struggles, and show you step by step how I made the transition from the internet to television and film,” she says in the YouTube trailer.

After learning from Rae, dive into the art of writing with James Patterson and Judy Blume, or school yourself in social justice with Pharrell Williams. The e-learning platform runs on a membership model, set at $180 per year for unlimited access to more than 100 classes taught by professionals in their respective fields. With everything from basketball to craft cocktails, this is the subscription that keeps on giving, always debuting new content and creators.

So often when people get successful they don’t want to put other people on, so this is awesome to see Issa Rae giving people tips on how to make it.

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