'Incredibles 2' to Become the First Animated Movie to Make Over $500 Million Domestically

Disney’s ‘Incredibles 2’ is pulling some rather incredible box office numbers.

After this weekend, it’ll be the first animated film to cross $500 million in North America.

via The Wrap:

“Incredibles 2,” is expected to make $31 million in its fourth weekend, and on Saturday it will break the domestic animation record set by “Finding Dory” two years ago at $486 million. It will also become only the twelfth film to gross over $500 million domestically, and will pass “Rogue One” to join the top ten all-time domestic list in the coming week.

“Incredibles 2” has exploded beyond anyone’s expectations, starting with its animation record $182 million opening. If it were a Marvel film, “Incredibles 2” would have an opening weekend and domestic total higher than every Marvel Studios film save for “Black Panther” and the three “Avengers” films. The 14-year gap between the sequel and the 2004 original had a large factor in this success, as the millennials who saw the original as kids returned as adults, boosting robust ticket sales from family audiences.

Have you seen it yet?

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