Idris Elba Shares His Past Selling Weed To Dave Chappelle To Support His Career [Video]

Idris Elba took drastic measures to fund his acting dream.

via: Vibe

Idris Elba revealed his past of selling weed and his high-profile client during a new interview. On Friday (April 8) the actor guested on The Jess Cagle Show on Sirius XM and opened up about the unorthodox ways he used to make money to support his early acting career. In the interview, he shared that he used to sell weed and not just to anyone, to comedian Dave Chappelle.

“In that time period, I did a lot of things that I’m not proud of,” The Wire actor explained of his lifestyle after moving to the United States from England according to PEOPLE. “I used to sell weed. It wasn’t [legal] back then. I did that for a little bit just to pay the way.”

During this time, he also worked as a DJ and as the doorman of a comedy club.
“Dave Chappelle remembers me ’cause he used to buy weed from me,” Elba shared. “Anyway, moving on. But yeah, I did all kinds of things, to be honest.”

This is not the first time the actors’ past business relationship was made public. In May 2021, Chappelle himself shared the identity of one of his former weed suppliers. According to Hot 97, the comedian discussed his history with Elba on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“Idris Elba, the famous actor, used to be a security guard at Caroline’s [comedy club]… I used to buy weed from him,” recalled Chappelle.

Watch Idris Elba on The Jess Cagle Show below.

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