Ice Spice Confirms She's In A Relationship But Wants Fans To 'Focus' On Her Music |

Ice Spice Confirms She’s In A Relationship But Wants Fans To ‘Focus’ On Her Music

Ice Spice is boo’d up.

via: HipHopDX

Ice Spice has largely her love life private since rising to fame last year, but now the “Munch” star has shed a little bit of light on her relationship status by revealing that she’s taken.

The Los Angeles Times published a profile of the Bronx rap star on Thursday (October 13), in which she confirmed that she’s “currently dating someone.”

However, she declined to reveal the identity of her mystery boo as she wants fans to “keep their focus on what I’m here for, which is music.”

The 23-year-old, who was recently crowned Best New Artist at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, also expressed her desire to win a Grammy.

“A Grammy would mean the moon, the sun, the earth. No, for real, like every star in the galaxy,” she said. “I just know I’m gonna get one, [but] I’m just gonna keep trying, you know? I’m just grateful to be in the conversation.”

Despite currently being in a relationship, Ice Spice has had no shortage of male attention from her rap peers. Just recently, fellow New Yorker Max B copped to a crush on the curly-haired rapper in a video posted to social media from prison.

“We need a first lady on this EMG movement,” he said, referring to his record company. “I’m looking at some pieces. I’m loving that Spicy Ice joint right now.”

“She looking real good. I’m loving that Icy Spicy right now. She looking real tasty with that carrot top going off. That top looking like carrot cake. I want a bite.”

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