Houston Police Chief Walks Back Astroworld Fest Security Guard Needle Prick Claim: No One ‘Injected Drugs in Him’ [Video]

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner walked back a claim that a security guard at Friday’s Astroworld Festival may have been pricked with a needle and drugged, a theory he put forward during a press conference earlier in the week.

via: Complex

According to the Houston Chronicle, Finner said at a Wednesday press conference that after locating said guard, he said that he was actually struck in the head during the event and went unconscious, later waking up in the medical tent.

“We did locate that security guard. His story is not consistent with that,” Finner said during the press conference. “He says he was struck in the head, he went unconscious. He said no one injected drugs in him.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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