Hilarious Footage of Ohio TV Reporter Being Surprised by Mother During Shoot Goes Viral [Photo + Video]

No matter how old you get, your mom will always be your biggest fan – and that’s definitely true for this journalist.

via: Complex

Footage of a Columbus-based reporter having a shot interrupted by his mother is making the rounds, with many relating to the hilarious viral moment.

“Typical Sandi,” reporter Myles Harris, of WSYX ABC 6 in Ohio, wrote when sharing the since-made-ubiquitous clip to his Instagram this week.

In the clip, the reporter is seen having a mildly annoyance-aligned reaction when he realizes that his mother is pulling up, thus entering the shot. “This is my mom, hold on,” Myles tells the camera. From there, the reporter’s mother lets out a “Hi, baby!” before being advised to move along or risk blocking traffic. As she drives away, the reporter’s mother can be seen blowing him a goodbye kiss.

After the ensuing footage went viral, Myles made sure to put the spotlight on his mother, later sharing a photo with her to IG (complete with a #hibaby hashtag inclusion) and appearing together on Good Morning America.

In the ensuing interview, Myles explained that his mother lives mere minutes away from that day’s shooting location, adding that she’s since told him that her arriving at the shooting location was merely a coincidence. “She was going out to run an errand. … I have to take her word for it,” Myles said.

Later on in the same interview, Sandi said that her son is her “biggest accomplishment” and that she’s “very, very proud” of his work. See more below.

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