HGTV Star Egypt Sherrod Slams Speculation She Got Her 'Booty Done': 'I Had a Baby Over 40' [Photo] |

HGTV Star Egypt Sherrod Slams Speculation She Got Her ‘Booty Done’: ‘I Had a Baby Over 40’ [Photo]

Egypt Sherrod wants you to know her curves are au natural.

via People:

On Friday, the 45-year-old real estate broker and designer stood up for herself in an Instagram post addressing a comment made about her figure on Twitter.

The star of HGTV’s Married to Real Estate shared a screenshot of her interaction with the Twitter user, who asked “Why did Egypt Sherrod get her booty done?” to which Sherrod replied, “I didn’t… I had a baby over 40!”

In her Instagram caption, Sherrod made it clear that she has “absolutely no shame about my body.”

“Body shaming is something we should never do, especially when you have no idea what your[sic] talking about,” she wrote. “When you have a baby over 40 it hits different. You don’t just snap back. Especially because I couldn’t breast feed since the docs had to dry me out due to fluid in my lungs.” 

She continued, “So YES I am dragging a continent behind me. And it is what it is… Deal with it! And NO I did not get implants.. I actually got a reduction. But the damn things grew back after Harper.”

Sherrod gave birth to daughter Harper Skye, who turned 3 last week, in February 2019. She and husband Mike Jackson (a.k.a. DJ Fadelf) also share daughter Kendall, 10.

Though she isn’t ruling out “a mommy makeover” — the shorthand for a few post-baby plastic surgery procedures that usually include a tummy tuck and breast augmentation — in the future, Sherrod said in her post that “it is my decision and I will NOT be shamed over it.”

Jackson stood by his wife in the comment section, telling her followers: “I’ll never respond to folks again, because I never pay attention to negative nonsense,” he wrote, before clarifying comments he had made in an earlier Instagram Live.

“What I was trying to get across on our ig live,” Jackson said, “is that: 1 my wife has always had a healthy rear end? 2. No she hasn’t work 3. What other people have to say don’t matter 4. Yes I love every inch, circumference, slope etc of it 5. She’s super sexy 6. In my opinion, Asking if someone with a natural body has had some work done is compliment, because you like what you see! ??????? 7. I’m stepping off my soap box.”

In February 2019, Sherrod told PEOPLE that she was put on “a heart-healthy cardio diet” following her second daughter’s complicated birth. After going home with Harper, Sherrod had to be “rushed back to the hospital” due to breathing trouble and was treated for “fluid overload.”

“My body was holding all the fluid to the point where I got edema … but then it had also gotten into my lungs,” she explains. “When I was lying back to go to sleep, I was essentially drowning in this fluid and that was the pressure that I was feeling.”

Sherrod also experienced symptoms of cardiomyopathy — which the reality star said runs in her family and “can rear its ugly head during a pregnancy” — and has had her health monitored regularly after giving birth as a result.

See Egypt’s post below. We think she looks great!


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