Heather Gay Confirms Mary Cosby Is Coming Back to ‘RHOSLC’

Mary Cosby’s return to ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ has been confirmed by her co-star Heather Gay.

via Page Six:

The “Bad Mormon” author corroborated Page Six’s exclusive report to a curious TikToker who asked during Wednesday’s book event whether the preacher would be “coming back” to the show.

“Yes. All of it, yes,” Gay, 40, replied with a vigorous head nod, which elicited an excited scream from the fan.

Early last month, we broke the news that Cosby, 50, would be making her comeback in Season 4, which was set to begin filming on Feb. 13 — just days before since-axed “RHOSLC” star Jen Shah began her six-and-a-half-year prison sentence for fraud.

One source clarified to us that Cosby had not been cast as a full-time “Housewife” but rather as a “friend of” who would “film a few scenes” with the ladies.

“Mary wanted to come back,” the source said, while a second insider explained that she needed time to process “Salt Lake City” alum Jennie Nguyen’s racist controversy.

Nguyen was fired in January 2022 after just one season for a series of offensive social media posts that mocked the Black Lives Matter movement and protests of 2020.

“Mary was dealing with a lot of trauma after Season 2,” the insider told us of Cosby, who notably skipped the Season 2 reunion before exiting the show altogether in February 2022.

“Jennie’s racist posts really seemed to shake Mary, especially after Jennie threw a glass at her on camera,” the insider went on. “Mary was grateful for the time away from the cameras, but she seems ready to get back in the mix.”

Cosby also departed the Bravo series amid an avalanche of accusations against her and her allegedly “cult”-like church.

According to people who fled Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, she allegedly referred to herself as God, manipulated members to work for free or minimum wage, verbally abused them and frequently told them they would be condemned to hell for various reasons — including leaving the church and not tithing enough.

Cosby has continuously denied the “false” and “ridiculous” claims.

Meanwhile, an insider previously told us that she “did not enjoy her time on the show or form any strong bonds with the ladies.”

But things have changed since then, as a third source teased that the congregation leader would be returning to the group as Meredith Marks’ pal.

“They’ve reestablished a connection over the past year and have been texting and talking more in recent months,” the source shared.

Marks and Gay, along with fellow veterans Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose, all retained their snowflakes.

Maybe now they can get to the bottom of whether or not Mary’s church is actually a cult.

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