Halle Bailey Defends Sister Chloe In Wake Of Mathew Knowles's Beyoncé Remarks [Photos]

Yesterday, we wrote about Mathew Knowles’ out of pocket comments after being asked about the comparisons people have made between his daughter Beyoncé and her protégée Chloe Bailey. Now Halle Bailey has entered the chat to stand up for her sister.

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Halle Bailey jumps to her sister and Chloe x Halle teammate Chloe Bailey following disparaging comments by Beyonce Knowles’ dad and former manager Matthew Knowles. Taking to her Twitter account, Halle gushed over her sister.

“How amazing is it that @ChloeBailey is already an icon,” wrote Halle on Friday, March 7. “Just popped in to say that .. i ride for my sister till the enddd okayyyy.”

Her tweets arrived after Matthew appeared to belittle Chloe, his daughter’s young prodigy, while commenting on people often comparing the two singers during his interview on “Leah’s Lemonade”. When he saw Chloe as having the same potential as young Beyonce, he first replied, “You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re asking me that question? Are you actually serious that you are comparing that young lady to Beyonce?”

Host Leah A. Henry later noted that people think the Chloe x Halle star could play her daughter in a potential biopic, Mathew responded, “Okay, if you’re talking about a movie, not talent-wise.” The 69-year-old businessman then added, “Talent-wise? Are you telling me talent-wise, somebody is an idiot enough to compare her to Beyonce, talent-wise?”

“Are there people saying her talent is equal to Beyonce? They’re idiots. Period,” he claimed. “That’s actually insulting to Beyonce. I mean, if you want to call out some like Barbra Streisand or you know, some people like that, like come on, man, really?… I want to get off this topic. I don’t even want to talk about it.”

“What’s turned into a wonderful interview, is now ending up on some bulls**t,” Matthew said. People quickly slammed Matthew for his remark as some called him “cringe-y.”

Neither Chloe nor Beyonce has commented on the matter. However, the “Lemonade” hitmaker has always shown her appreciation to the duo as she has helped nurture the 22-year-old’s potential along with her sister Halle. The “Crazy in Love” songstress also signed them to her Parkwood label in 2016.

You love to see it, sisters sticking together.

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