Gunfire Rings Out Leaving 9 People Injured in Mass Shooting Near Cincinnati Bar [Video] |

A mass shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio early Sunday morning has left at least nine people injured, according to police.

via: Revolt

The bar is located at 13th and Main streets in the Over-the-Rhine district, which also houses other gastropubs and breweries. According to police, shots rang out around 1:38 a.m. The victims range in age from 23 to 47.

District One officers responded to the location just before shots were fired. At the time, officers noticed a brawl between two groups of people amidst a large, disorderly crowd. Shots were fired soon after. “Seen people running and it was just melee. Chaos. I actually saw the cops running down the street trying to find the guy who they were looking for,” a witness told Fox19.

Local business owner Lindsey Swadner said she heard upwards of 30 shots fired within a 10-minute period. “You had first where it went ‘bang, bang, bang, bang,’ we all start looking around going, ‘Was it over?’ And then you heard ‘bang, bang, bang, bang’ and everyone started running inside of wherever you could go,” Swadner told WLWT5 news. “And so we started pulling people inside. I made sure everyone was inside, I walked up the street to see what happened and there was, of course, more shooting victims,” she said.

An officer reportedly shot at at least one of the suspected gunmen, however it is not known if the person was struck. Later Sunday morning, Mayor Aftab Pureval held a press conference. He said, “This has no place in our city, period. The gun violence we are seeing in our communities cannot and will not persist. We will continue to work hard to prevent gun violence in the future.”

Council member Scotty Johnson also addressed the media. He called for “personal accountability.” His other remarks included, “We want everybody to have a good time and enjoy our city. We want everybody to come downtown and have a good time, but personal accountability has to trump these ridiculous, outlandish, beefs that are going on in our city.”

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