Grand Jurors in Breonna Taylor Case Criticize 'Criminal' and 'Negligent' Actions of Police [Video]

Louisville police were “negligent” and “criminal” in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor during a botched raid on March 13, two grand jurors in the case said in their first interviews.

via: Complex

Speaking with Gayle King for a special discussion set to be aired in full this week on CBS This Morning, the two jurors—who spoke on the condition of anonymity and are identified only as No. 1 and No. 2—were asked to share their assessment of the police’s “behavior and actions” on the night of March 13.

“Negligent,” one grand juror said. “They couldn’t even provide a risk assessment and it sounded like they hadn’t done one. So their organization leading up to this was lacking. That’s what I mean by they were negligent in the operation.” The other interviewee, identified as grand juror No. 2, said the officers were “criminal” in their actions.

“They were criminal leading up to this in everything that they [did],” the juror said. “The way they moved forward on it, including the warrant, was deception.”

The two grand jurors also took issue with the comments Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has made about the case and explained that they were not given the chance to consider murder or manslaughter charges. Juror No. 1 said their desire was to consider additional charges, though they were ultimately told that wouldn’t happen because prosecutors believed such charges wouldn’t stick.

Justice for Breonna Taylor.

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