Girl, What? Megyn Kelly Attacks Jane Fonda for Not Wanting to Discuss Her Plastic Surgery and Being Anti-War [Video]

Megyn Kelly opened Monday’s episode of NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today with a bizarre tirade in which she attacked Jane Fonda for…not wanting to discuss whatever cosmetic surgery she’s had done.

Megyn also blasted Jane for being against the Vietnam War.

It all started a few months ago when Jane was a guest on Megyn’s show. Megyn asked about Jane’s cosmetic surgery and Ms. Fonda wasn’t really feeling it.

Now that Jane’s out and about doing promo for the new season of ‘Grace and Frankie,’ her exchange with Megan has come up in interviews.

Over the weekend, Jane said she would return to Megyn’s show. She also insisted she was not upset when Megyn asked her about plastic surgery, telling Variety she was ‘stunned’ by the clumsy and ‘inappropriate”’ segue.

“It showed that she’s not that good an interviewer. But if she comes around and learns her stuff, sure,” Jane said in answer to a question about going back on the show.


On Monday, Megyn defended her initial interview, saying that she was giving Janethe chance “to empower other women” on the subject of plastic surgery, “and she rejected it.”

“Well, the truth is most older women look nothing like Fonda, who is now 80. And if Fonda really wants to have an honest discussion about older women’s cultural face, then her plastic surgery is tough to ignore,” Megyn said.

Her outrage then turned towards Jane’s anti-war past, saying her name is synonymous with outrage.

“Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam War — many of our veterans still call her ‘Hanoi Jane’ thanks to her radio broadcasts, which attempted to shame American troops. She posed on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down our pilots,” Megyn said, showing photos of same onscreen.

“She called our POWs ‘hypocrites and liars’ and referred to their torture as understandable,” she continued. “Even she had to apologize years later for that gun picture – but not for the rest of it.

“By the way, she still says she’s not proud of America.”

Megyn then ended her bizarre rant calling Jane’s “moral indignation [to be] a little much.”

Ms. Megyn’s doing a lot for a morning news show — but we hear she needed to do SOMETHING to get people to watch.

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