Future Settles Lawsuit Against Former Manager Rocko, Will Pay Royalties from Next Two Albums & 50% Tour Revenue

Word on the street is that Future and Rocko have settled their lawsuits — and Future did NOT come out victorious.

According to reports, Future will give Rocko all royalties from his next TWO albums. Not only that, but Future will also give Rocko 50% of his touring revenue for the next two years. In order for LA Reid and Epic to recoup the advance they gave to Future when he signed his 360 deal, Future will give a percentage of any deals made outside of his recording contract back to Epic. This will continue until Future is able to pay bak all of his advancements, or for the next five years — whichever comes first. Epic will also collect on the front end of all of Future’s music ventures.

Yikes! Can you say cha-ching?! It’s almost as if Rocko just became Future’s 5th baby mama the way he’s about to start collecting these checks!

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