Future Ordered to Pay $3,200 a Month in Child Support to Eliza Reign

Future and baby mama Eliza Reign have come to a resolution in their child support case.

The rapper has been ordered to pay Eliza $3,200 a month for their daughter Reign.

via Baller Alert:

The two have been going back and forth for months, with Reign most recently rejecting Future’s offer of $1,000 a month for their 1-year-old daughter. But in a court hearing on Monday, a judge rejected her request of 53k in child support and ordered her to be paid $3,200 a month in support.

In addition, the judge also ordered Reign to resubmit financials because her initial reports were deemed unsatisfactory.

Now that the courts have restored order between the two, sources say they look to find a “peaceful resolution to the matter.”

You know it won’t be long until we end up right back here talking about Future paying child support to another woman. For baby Reign’s sake, we’re glad they were able to get this settled…for now.

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