Future Has a Message for Jay-Z in Response to 'The Story of O.J.' [Photo]

Future wants Jay-Z to know that he’s going to continue holding up stacks of money to his ear — despite what the veteran rapper says.

In Jay-Z’s new song “The Story of O.J.” Jay takes shots at rappers who flaunt stacks of cash on Instagram, saying:

Y’all out here still takin’ advances, huh?
Me and my niggas takin’ real chances, uh
Y’all on the ‘Gram holdin’ money to your ear
There’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here, yeah

Future took to Snapchat to hold money to his ear along with the caption: ‘U ain’t got the juice like dat.’

It’s unclear if this is a direct shot at Jay (although it’s very likely) — but Jay definitely has the juice.

Future might wanna stick that cash in the bank before baby mamas #1-4’s child support gets withdrawn.

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