Former Fake Teen Doctor Sentenced To Prison For Latest Scam |

Former Fake Teen Doctor Sentenced To Prison For Latest Scam

A man who was previously imprisoned for impersonating a doctor has been sentenced again for a new scam.

via: BET

Malachi Love-Robinson, a Florida man who infamously posed as a doctor as a teenager, has been sentenced to prison for his most recent scam.

In January 2021, the Delray Beach Police Department claimed Love-Robinson, now 25, stole from his employer in early 2020 by transferring payments totaling $10,129.81 from the business’ account to his personal one. Love-Robsinon, who was working as a salesperson for a company that connects shippers with trucking companies, pleaded guilty and, according to NBC News, was sentenced to two years and four months this week.

Formerly known as “Dr. Love,” Love-Robinson served time in jail in 2019 for pretending to be a doctor and defrauding an elderly “patient” out of $35,000. According to local news station WBPF, back in 2016, Love-Robinson was exposed for pretending to be “Dr. Malachi Love-Robinson, PHD, HHP-C, AMP-C” co-founder, president and CEO of New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center & Urgent Care Center in West Palm Beach. He was 18 years old at the time, but claimed to be 25.

Dr. Love was charged with a third-degree felony for practicing medicine without a license and was issued several citations by the Department of Health.

Additionally, in 2015, when he was 17, he was caught posing as a gynecologist in a pregnant woman’s exam room at St. Mary’s Medical Center Campus in West Palm Beach. Police said at the time that he had been roaming the halls for more than a month, but that he hadn’t committed a crime.

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