First Look: Nicki Minaj's New Fragrance Gets A New Wig [Photos] |

First Look: Nicki Minaj’s New Fragrance Gets A New Wig [Photos]


Take a look at this newly leaked photo revealing the design of Nicki Minaj’s new fragrance. We’re not sure what it’s called yet, but it appears as though the fragrance will hit stores this September, right before the holiday shopping season.

It also looks like qualifying purchases will come with a pink laptop bag. Will you be buying?

via Martian TV

Update: Nicki Minaj has confirmed the release of Minajesty via her Instagram.


 “Ok, last one. Pink Friday, PF limited edition, and #Minajesty. The ones below are outfits that came with PF for a limited time when we launched in the UK. Yes, because they’ve done so well, we’re working on outfits for the US. I never dreamed I’d have a fragrance as a lil black girl in Queens, New York that was born in Trinidad. My fans made me #1 in Macy’s with the 1st fragrance and the rest is history. Love u guys. #GodIsInControl”

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