Not So Fast: Forbes Says Apple Deal Won't Make Dr. Dre a Billionaire...Yet


Dr. Dre posted a video celebrating the acquisition of his company Beats Audio by Apple for $3.2 Billion, claiming to be the ‘first billionaire in hip hop’. 

However, according to Forbes — that’s not quite true. 

Forbes Assistant Managing Editor for Wealth says that after state and federal taxes, Dre’s net worth will be around $800 million.

Dre only owns 25% of Beats Audio, so the max he would make from the $3.2 billion sale is $800 million. After state and federal taxes, he’s left with around $480 million — and if you combine that with his current assets his net worth bumps up to $800 million. 

The editor adds, “Not quite enough to debut on the Forbes 400 but plenty for bragging rights.”

$800 million or a billion — he’s still paid!


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