Fabolous Responds To Backlash Over Claudette Ortiz 'Appreciation Post' [Photos]

Fabolous was simply showing love, but sometimes the Internet blows things out of proportion.

via: AceShowbiz

Taking to his Instagram Story, the rapper shared a series of Claudette’s images as an “appreciation” post.

On his posts, Fabolous gushed over Claudette, who was part of 2000s R&B group City High alongside Ryan Tobey and Robbie Pardlo. “It’s vintage but the natural vibe still [fire emoji],” so he wrote in one of the posts.

While Fabolous definitely had no ill intention with his post, some fans didn’t think that the post was appropriate considering that he has a stunning wife, Emily Bustamante. “Lmfao @myfabolouslife over here praising natural women but look at ur wifey bro make it make sense,” someone wrote on Twitter. “Fabolous STAYS disrespecting Emily. And all she does is STAY,” another fan added.

“How Fabolous gonna post another woman and say appreciation post, talking about natural body’s are a vibe. YET….his wife…..men are embarrassing,” one fan slammed Fabolous. “Chile Fabolous teeth would be down his throat for playing embarrassing Emily like that. How tf you gon make an appreciation post for another woman that don’t look nothing like yo wife Talking about natural is [fire emoji]. Boy….”

Another critic wrote, “N***s don’t love they life I see.” One other fan said, “I seen emily last night and she was fine as f**k he better be careful what he post cuz if i thought she was fine i’m sure all the men there thought so too.”

Fabolous apparently noticed the backlash and clapped back at critics. “Everybody be talking that ‘ Give people they flowers while they alive’ s**t.. Then when u do it, they make it a issue,” he wrote on Twitter on June 8. “A Appreciation Post ain’t meant to be nothing but… FLOWERS…”

“People try to find the negative in everything. Even in SHOWING LOVE…,” the “Make Me Better” rapper added.

Do you think Fabolous was in the right or wrong?

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