Exclusive: Bravo Releases Statement Condemning Threats and Online Attacks Against 'RHOA' Producers: 'Please Stop'

Bravo is asking ‘Real Housewives’ fans to stop attacking ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ producers.

Following lovebscott.com’s bombshell report revealing the production’s plans to reboot ‘RHOA,’ fans have been harassing members of the Truly Original production team — even going as far as sending death threats to executive showrunner Eric Fuller.

Yesterday evening, Eric took to social media to inform fans that he doesn’t have any power over casting or what scenes make the final episodes — but that wasn’t enough to calm everyone down.

Now, Bravo is stepping in.

In an exclusive statement, a spokesperson for Bravo tells lovebscott.com:

“Bravo strongly condemns threats and online attacks against ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ producers and urges people to please stop.”

Also, our sources tell us that the producers on the receiving ends of these social media attacks are NOT responsible for any editing decisions.

Remember, love muffins — it’s just a television show. There’s no need to get nasty with anyone.

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