Eviction Hearing for Oprah Winfrey's Stepmother Set for Monday


Oprah Winfrey’s ex-stepmom Barbara Winfrey is set for Monday. She’s facing eviction from her home of 13 years .

Oprah purchased the Laurelbrooke, Tenn. house for her father, Vernon, and Barbara after they got married back in 2001.  It was kept in the name of the limited liability company Overground Railroad, started by Oprah, reports USA Today.

Vernon and Barbara divorced two years ago and have since lost a building in Nashville where Vernon’s barbershop was located, plus both of their former homes.  It was Oprah who ended up buying all three properties out of foreclosure.


Mama O then offered Barbara her own former house ‘free and clear’ to live in, but Barbara refused because she didn’t want to have to sign a disclosure agreement with Oprah.

That’s when things got messy and Barbara refused to leave — despite Oprah actually owning the house.

”I’ve been here 13 and a half years” she said and refused to pack her bags.

Oprah’s spokeswoman told USA Today:

“The next offer was to sell the (Laurelbrooke) residence and split the proceeds equally, which (Barbara Winfrey) also turned down,”

”After several requests to voluntarily vacate the property at Willowbrooke Circle, the appropriate paperwork has been filed to have her vacate the property.”

Barbara will try arguing her case before Judge Ernie Williams on 9 a.m. Monday, but insists she’s never been after money from Oprah.

“It’s not money. It’s never been about money,” she said. “If it had been about money, I would have taken it and run a long time ago.”

Do you think Oprah should let Barbara remain in the house?

[via Radar Online]

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