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Elephant Man Says He Has 38 Kids, Suggests He’ll Probably Have More

Jamaican Dancehall legend Elephant Man recently revealed that he has over 30 kids, putting Nick Cannon and his dozen to shame.

via: Complex

In an Instagram Live interview with Noah Powa, the Pon Di River artist was asked if he wanted to have more kids and replied, “How yuh mean? Den if it come, it nuh come bredda, weh you a talk bout?” As seen in the clip below, at the 4:30 mark, the 47-year-old revealed that he’s had 38 children and had his first kid when he was just 17.

“I have 38 pickney, start from mi a 17,” he shared, per Dancehall Mag. “Mi might ugly and all of that, but the gyal dem like mi bandy legs. … ‘Member a me climb and jump off a di something dem and the gyal dem seh, ‘No man, mi woulda tek a lift up from dah black boy yah’… ‘Member di gyal dem see the attitude and all of dat.”

Unsurprisingly, Elephant Man suggested he doesn’t use condoms during sex. “You nah sex your woman inna nuh condom,” he added. “You ever go to your woman inna her house inna condom, yuh inna trouble.” Despite the alarming number of children, he said that he takes care of all his kids.

During the same chat, Elephant Man shot down rumors that he contracted AIDS and questioned how he’s still alive if that’s the case. “Mi nuh dead,” he said. “Mi stay strong cause the fittest of the fittest shall live and God nuh waan no weakness inna him camp.”

Nick Cannon, who revealed earlier this year that he’s happy with his 12 children and has no plans for baby No. 13, clearly has some major competition.

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