Election Results May Have Been Hacked in Three States Where Trump Won, Experts Say


A prominent group of election lawyers and computer scientists said presidential election results in three swing states that Donald Trump won may have been manipulated or hacked.

Hillary Clinton is being urged by the group to demand a recount.

via NY Daily News:

The group held a conference call last week with Clinton’s top campaign lieutenants and lobbied for a challenge after finding something fishy in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to New York Magazine.

Members of the group told the Clinton camp that in Wisconsin, Clinton’s vote count was down 7% in counties that relied on electronic voting machines when compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots, the magazine said.

A statistical analysis showed that under those circumstances, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes. Clinton lost the state — and its 10 Electoral College votes by 27,000 votes.

Wisconsin’s metropolitan areas, where Clinton did well, use paper ballots. Rural Wisconsin, where she did not, relies on electronic machines.

The group apparently has no proof of hacking, but said the suspicious pattern is enough for an independent review.

Current tallies put Trump’s Electoral College toll at 290 to Clinton’s 232, a count that does not include Michigan’s 16 vote because that contest was too close to call.

If the die-hards could successfully challenge Michigan and Wisconsin, that would bring Clinton’s total to 258. Add the 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania, if those results are successfully challenged, and Trump goes back to being a private citizen.

The deadlines to challenge in those states are all next week, but it was unclear if the campaign plans to call for a recount.

The magazine said the Obama administration is against a recount because it wants a smooth transition.

Well, we know the Russians hacked the DNC server to leak emails in favor of Trump — so the idea of the election being hacked isn’t surprising at all.

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