You Too, Girl? Kendall Jenner Sparks Lip Injection Rumors After Being Photographed With a Fuller Pout [Photo]


Kendall Jenner — are those your lips, girl?

The model posed alongside sister Kylie to promote a Facebook Live chat in celebration of the release of their new book, ‘Time of the Twins’…and fans were quick to point out a change in Kendall’s face.

Thankfully, Kylie got on Snapchat and offered a perfectly logical explanation for Kendall’s inflated lips — she over-lined them.

“You guys, Kendall let me overline her lip today with lipliner and everyone thinks she got lip injections. I’m sorry Kendall.”

We’re not trying to be messy — but isn’t that exactly what Kylie used to say about her own lips before admitting she got them enhanced?

On the other side, we’re pretty sure since Kendall’s the face of a major cosmetics brand there’s bound to be a clause in her contract that says she can’t make any modifications to what’s making the money¬†— right?

Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

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